News Article: "UNADVERTISED JOB MARKET" FACT OR FICTION? Article Date 04 Dec, 2008

We hear candidates talk about the world of "unadvertised jobs" and how they have paid thousands to go through expensive and often ineffective programmes of career outsourcing and mentoring, month in month out; we have yet to hear a success story.

In truth, candidates choose their recruitment Partner and are beholden to the effort and time that their recruiter puts into finding them their next opportunity - UNLESS they are willing to invest their own time and effort into sifting opportunities and networking opportunities themselves.  That is a fact.

Outsourcing and career mentoring services do indeed work for some people - however paying thousands of pounds for an Administrator to cut out newspaper job ads and blast CVs to recruiters is hardly "the unadvertised job market" - moreso, it is an industry which succeeds on the back of its own PR and its ability to capture frustrated, often well established candidates at a significant low point.

So, does the "unadvertised job market" really exist and who should you look to for advice on how to find these roles which many people talk about but rarely find?  If we told you that Equinox Financial Search and Selection has NEVER advertised to attract work, has NEVER leaflet dropped like the large recruitment companies and furthermore has placed many of the FD and MDs running SME businesses across the UK, we are sure you would agree that our approach to finding the "unadvertised job" works.

Please contact Neil Wright on 0161 932 1434 to discuss your options.


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